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Magdalena Christina Jacobs

About Me
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I am a dedicated physiotherapist with a diverse professional background. Beginning my career as a Community Service Physiotherapist at Middelburg District Hospital, I gained valuable experience in providing comprehensive care and treatment plans tailored to individual needs. I also participated in challenging community outreaches, honing me problem-solving skills and adaptability.

Following my community service, I established Lenie Jacobs Physiotherapist, a successful private practice. Over 12 years, I developed a diverse skill set, with a special interest in women's health while also gaining experience in treating hospital patients. As a business owner, I managed all aspects of the practice, including accounts, medical aid claims, and marketing.

I further expanded my experience as a Locum Physiotherapist at Cindy Viljoen Physiotherapists, where I treated a wide range of patients and balanced my professional commitments with personal responsibilities.

Currently, I serve as a Media and Webinar Editor at Physiopedia Plus.

Education[edit | edit source]

BSc Physiotherapy (UFS)

Professional Affiliations
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Health Professions Council of South Africa

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