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Dr. Keta Parikh

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I believe, Physiotherapists are the healer's, They can alleviate one's suffering, just with their manipulations and their techniques. I have completed my bachelor's in physiotherapy . Along my journey , I have acknowledged that, accurate diagnosis is very important and for that, one should be always updated. Physiopedia, is the perfect place to explore various clinical condition . along with that, it will provide me the opportunity to work as a team member. Currently, I am living in India. I have graduated from Gujarat University. I have completed my bachelor from, Suresh Brahmkumar Bhatt college of Physiotherapy. The hospital setup has provided me, with immense practical knowledge. Throughout my bachelor, I have treated many patients, working as a trainee. It has enhanced my communicating skills, and techniques of treating my patients. Currently, i am working as a Physiotherapist at a clinical setup. I have specialized in, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization technique. In addition to this, i have attended workshops, on neck pain and tapping. Furthermore, i have attended, the international conference held at AIIMS, Delhi, India. My area of interest, is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

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Bachelor's of Physiotherapy

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Gujarat State Council Of Physiotherapy

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