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Jaroslaw Pospiech, PT

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I have the privilege to provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment, ergonomic consultation and musculoskeletal injury safety training for staff of St. Joseph’s Health Care London in Ontario, Canada. Occupational physiotherapy has been providing me with a steady stream of exciting challenges and successes since my graduation form Western University with Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy in 2000.

I am energized by working towards reducing the research-practice gap to provide my clients with best outcomes and shortest path to their physiotherapy goals.

Though not a scientist myself, I am an enormous cheerleader for science and its method. When left to my own devices I evaluate evidence related to clinical questions of the day, follow space exploration and any science news within the grasp of my cognition.

Education[edit | edit source]

  • Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada (1996-2000)
  • Masters Degree, Physical Education, Academy Of Physical Education, Katowice, Poland (1989-1993)

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