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About Me

I have done my Masters in Orthopaedics. I have started my carrier in a Rheumatology centre as a physiotherapist, after that I have been involved in the rehabilitation of neurological cases in a Stem Cell centre for 7 years, than I switched to a orthopaedic centre specialised in treating back pain(spinal issues) with manual therapy. After all that experience I have started my own centre and also involved in Home Health Care.


I have completed my Bachelors in 2007, after that i have done my Masters in Orthopaedics in 2012,

I have participated in a course in "Physiotherapy in Surgical & Clinical Leprosy"

Completed 2.00 contact hours of continuing professional development for: "Differential Diagnosis Foundational Clinical Decision Making".

Professional Affiliations

I am member of M.I.A.P.

Where you can find me

My facebook page address is;