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Name[edit | edit source]

Fatemah Ali Fairouz

About Me[edit | edit source]

Fatemah Fairouz a physical therapist from Kuwait, received bachelor degree from Kuwait university (KUNIV) 2010. Currently working at AlAdan Hospital one of the five main general hospitals since 2011. Worked in several departments within the hospital, predominantly inpatient and outpatient paediatric physical therapy department. Working towards an innovative future of PT in Kuwait.

Education[edit | edit source]

BSc.  Physical Therapy, Kuwait University (KUNIV) 2010

Courses/ programmes[edit | edit source]

      • Internship at Fawzia Al-Sultan Rehabilitation Center (FSRI) (Participated in the development of CTS Questionnaire)  2009
      • Volunteering at Al-Kharafi Disability center  2009
      • Kinesio Taping workshop 2011
      • Internship in Adult ICU (Al-Adan H.), 2013
      • Breast Feeding training course, 2013
      • Dry Needling 1 and 2 international certification 2016
      • Intense Training Course in FSRI Kuwait for children with Cerebral Palsy 2016 

Member[edit | edit source]

      • Self Assessment Team (SAT) of Medicare (Paediatric and Female department, AlAdan H. since 2014
      • Safety and Risk Management committee, ALAdan H. since 2015
      • DCC, AlAdan H. since 2017