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My name is Ehtisham Panhwar. I am a physiotherapy student in my final year at Ziauddin University, Pakistan (2019-present). I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping patients attain independence and improve their quality of life. I have joined physiopedia as a volunteer to gain knowledge of the advancement in physiotherapy practices worldwide as well as to contribute my time and effort to the Wikipedia for physiotherapists.

Education[edit | edit source]

Playway Grammar School (2008-2015)

St. Patrick's College (2015-2017)

Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences (2019-Present)

Achievement[edit | edit source]

The roller coaster of my achievements starts from achieving a grade F in multiple subjects to getting straight A's and being one of the top students of my batch at Ziauddin University, where I am currently enrolled.

I have successfully established a home-based startup online store with the help of my self-learned skill in graphic design. (2018)

I have been making youtube lecture videos since 2019, where I have achieved a milestone of getting more than 700 subscribers and successfully uploaded 100+ lectures. You can check my

I have successfully opened a start-up academy to help students with their education. My motive through my recent project Z&E Academy is to provide high-quality education at low tuition fees. (2022)

Experience[edit | edit source]

I have been an Event facilitator for the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi for 2 years. (2013-2015)

I have one year of experience in home-based and coaching center teaching in my own locality.

I have two months of clinical internship experience in two hospitals including Dow hospital and SMBB institute of trauma (currently enrolled)

Research & Publications[edit | edit source]

Currently, I am doing observational research for my academics which is about "Fall prevalence and associated risk factors among middle-aged and elderly residents of Karachi-A cross-sectional survey".

I don't have any published research yet.

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You can connect with me at the following social media accountsĀ :