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Name:[edit | edit source]

Darine Mohieldeen Mohammed .

About Me:[edit | edit source]

I am sociable and hardworking person with diverse professional experience.I am so passionate and interested in community development and awareness related issues.I have a wide scope of practice in physiotherapy service in clinics ranging from working with children with disabilities,stroke and orthopedic patients .I have an experience with conducting theoretical and practical physiotherapy sessions for physiotherapy students. I am so confident , willing to help, support and cooperate with the multidisciplinary team.

Education:[edit | edit source]

Bachelor of Science,Honer Degree ,Physiotherapy Major ( April , 2016, Ahfad University for Women, AUW).

Professional Affiliations:[edit | edit source]

Sudanese Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Initiative.

Professional Appointments:[edit | edit source]

Appointment Title: Teacher Assistance at physiotherapy department,

Subjects: Orthopedic and Amputation courses ,

Location : Ahfad University for Women, Khartoum ,Sudan.AUW

Appointment Title: Physiotherapist at Safana Complex for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Clinic Cases: Orthopedic ,Pediatrics,Neurological and Geriatric patients.

Location :Areyad ,Khartoum ,Sudan.

Websites:[edit | edit source]

Mendeley Website user name ( Darine Mohieldeen) Mendeley website.

FacebookWebsite user name ( Darine Elalem ).

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[email protected]