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Name[edit | edit source]

Dr. Chelsea McLene (PT)


About Me[edit | edit source]

Hey there,

I'm Chelsea, Physiotherapist from D.K, India.

I'm passionate about anything that I do and have steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. My ethic is that I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement and spend most of my time being productive.

My Role at Physiopedia[edit | edit source]

I started as a volunteer with Physiopedia in September 2020, when I was still a physiotherapy student. I create, review content and update pages with new evidence-based research. I also volunteer on rotation programs where I work with physiopedia and physioplus team on rotation basis. I am also a facilitator for volunteer orientation course.

Physiopedia Awards[edit | edit source]


Physiopedia Contributions[edit | edit source]

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Education[edit | edit source]

  • S.S.L.C - Sri Narayana Guru English Medium High School, Mulki, Karnataka, India.
  • Pre-University - Vijaya PU College, Mulki, Karnataka, India.
  • Bachelor's in Physiotherapy - Alvas College of Physiotherapy, Moodabidri, Karnataka, India.
  • Diploma in Fitness and Diploma in Advanced Fitness - Fab academy, California, U.S
  • Menstrual Health, Hygiene and Rehab Practitioner - WOW International Institute of Pelvic Floor Research, Rehab and Education, India.
  • Continence Rehab Practitioner - WOW International Institute of Pelvic Floor Research, Rehab and Education, India.
  • Cupping Therapy - iiCTSBT, Ayuaesthetics pvt ltd, India.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sidhi Counselling Services, India.
  • Completed many CPD courses, webinars.
  • Attended various hands on workshops/webinars/CPD courses: ergonomics, cancer rehab, IASTM, taping, mindfulness, etc.

Other Certification[edit | edit source]

Assist world records for attending the webinar as registered participant and received one or more certificate of attendance in "most no. of topics in free live international webinars" in field of physiotherapy, as mark of world physiotherapy day 2020 event organised by ExRxIndia, Tindivanam Sri Samraj Health Sciences pvt ltd, Peak Health Studio, West Bengal Dusat Creations, SaiRam Academy, Physio Active, Stimulus Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic, Fitness and Rehab India Youtube Channel, during Covid 19 lockdown period.

Volunteer Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Physiopedia volunteer: Green Belt
  • Volunteer at science insight exhibition
  • Project StepOne Covid volunteer: Karnataka health department

Work Experience[edit | edit source]

Physiotherapist at Attarva Ortho Care Hospital, Surathkal, Mangalore, India. (current)

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Physiopedia Top Contributor: August 2021 (Read the physiospot post here)
  • Distinction in International English Talent Exam organized by Prathiba Vignana, Davanagere, India.
  • Project StepOne: Top 10 medical student reaching out COVID-19 patients in home isolation.
  • Presented poster on Home exercise program for stroke patients during COVID-19 at International physiotherapy conference: Mangalore physiocon, 2022.

Conferences[edit | edit source]

  • International physiotherapy conference: Mangalore physiocon, 2018.
  • 58th annual conference of Indian association of physiotherapists, 2019.
  • International physiotherapy conference: Mangalore physiocon, 2022.

Registrations[edit | edit source]

  • Indian Association of Physiotherapists
  • Health and Care Professions Council
  • Holistic Medicine Research Foundation

Where You Can Find Me[edit | edit source]