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Greetings! My name is Brandon Fowler and I am currently a Student Physical Therapist at Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky. I currently have a bachelor's degree of health science. I am in my second year of the Bellarmine PT curriculum and I will be graduating in December with my DPT. For my undergraduate work, I attended the University of Kentucky(2004-2006), Jefferson Community College(2005), and Bellarmine University(2006-present). The majority of my clinical experience and passion for Physical Therapy is centered around the outpatient orthopedic domain. I have been working for Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team (KORT) since 2006 as a PT technician. I am currently in the process of developing an online continuing education module with 2 other student colleagues for the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association. The education module will cover the presentation,evaluation, and treatment of cervicogenic headaches.


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