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About Me[edit | edit source]

I am a last-year PhD student with a background in physiotherapy at Loughborough University. I have a BSc degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation from Pamukkale University in Turkey and MSc in NeuroPhysiotherapy from the University of Nottingham in the UK. I am interested in using scientific methods to provide available best evidence-based interventions as a physiotherapist and researcher.

Education[edit | edit source]

Physiotherapy BSc, Pamukkale University, 2012-2017, First Class degree

NeuroPhysiotherapy MSc, The University of Nottingham, 2019-2020, Distinction

Neurorehabilitation PhD, Loughborough University, 2021-Present

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Publications[edit | edit source]

Begde, A., Jain, M., Hogervorst, E. and Wilcockson, T., 2021. Does physical exercise improve the capacity for independent living in people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment: an overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Aging & mental health, pp.1-11.

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