Understanding Rehabilitation as a Health Strategy MOOC Pre-Course Activities

Introduction[edit | edit source]

These pre-course activities will help to prepare you for taking part in the course.  By completing them you will know that you are ready to participate in the course and have had access to all the pre-course information.

All the activities below must be completed before the course starts.

Make sure that you have registered for the course[edit | edit source]

It's important that we know how many people will be taking part in this course so please make sure that you have registered to participate (no need to do this again if you have already registered).

Make sure that you are receiving emails from us[edit | edit source]

We will be sending you emails before the course and each week to guide you through the course so please make sure that our emails are not going into your spam folder or any other folder that it might be filtered into. Make sure that you have white listed @physio-pedia.com emails.

You can see how to do that here

You can view the sent emails below:

Read the course information[edit | edit source]

Please make sure that you have thoroughly read through the course information page as this will give you an understanding of the context of this course and what is expected of you during your participation in this course:

Course Information

We would also like you to be aware of the FAQs for this course, this is a very busy course and we get too many emails to answer them all. Your question is usually answered on this page so we won't be responding to any emails that ask questions that are answered here:


How to get the most out of the MOOC[edit | edit source]

The following video provides a great description of the five steps that will help you to have success in a MOOC. It considers a number of things you can do to make your experience of this MOOC more beneficial and interactive, and get more out of your participation.

Sign up for a Plus account[edit | edit source]

The course will be available on our online learning platform Plus . The course can be accessed with either a FREE Trial Account or a full member account. If you already have a Full Member Account you do not need to do anything, if you do not already have an account you can sign up for the FREE Trial Account here.

Read the Plus Community Culture[edit | edit source]

This community culture has been developed to foster a professional community of learning among course participants. It is our shared set of beliefs, expectations and values that influence our individual learning and the ways in which the individuals in our community interact with one another and collaborate to achieve common objectives. As a participant of this course you should agree to our community culture which you can read here:

Plus Community Culture.

Introduce yourself in the discussion forum[edit | edit source]

This is where discussions will take place each week in relation to the topics of that week. Participating in the discussion forum is a requirement for completing the course as this is where a lot of learning takes place.  Please contribute responsibly and professionally and adhere to our discussion forum rules:

  • Remember patient confidentiality! Do not disclose any information that enables us to identify your patients.
  • Be respectful and empathetic to those where English is not their first language.
  • Remain professional at all times.

The discussion forum is going to get very busy!  Please do not try to read ALL the comments that are posted because if you do you will become completely overloaded.  Here are our discussion forum tips:

  • What is most important is to make sure that you contribute to the forum with your thoughts, knowledge and questions so that others can also learn from you.  
  • Make specific responses to people by typing in their name so that they will get alerted to any responses that they may get.  
  • Spend the time that you have available reading some of the conversations that you find interesting and new.
  • Feel free to form small groups in which to have discussions.

Everyone participating in this course will have different levels of experience in rehabilitation, and each and every experience is a learning opportunity. Whether it is something you have learnt in your clinical practice or something you have experienced, we can all learn from each other. With that in mind please introduce yourself in the forum, including the following information about you:

  • where you are from
  • the context that you work in
  • one significant experience you have had working within the rehabilitation sector
  • why you have decided to take this course
  • one thing you are hoping to gain from this course

Click here to introduce yourself (you will need to be logged into your Plus account to access the forum)

If you are working in a Group[edit | edit source]

Some people find it useful to work through the course as a group. This is particularly useful where:

  • you wish to discuss the course content with colleagues in relation to your specific work context
  • you wish to supplement the course content with additional activities
  • your first language isn't English
  • you have poor internet and someone else has downloaded the course content for you to work through together

If you are taking this approach to the course you will find this document useful

Go to the course[edit | edit source]

Here is the course

References[edit | edit source]

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