The Panel

Creation of the Panel[edit | edit source]

  • The panel was initially set up by the National Recruitment Services (NRS) to fill vacancies that would arise in the HSE.
  • The reasoning behind the panel was that the HSE could centralise recruitment, improve time to hire and create a standardisation of recruitment within the HSE hospitals.

HSE Hospitals[edit | edit source]

  • The panel was given the task of hiring physiotherapists to fill positions in the HSE public hospitals around the country.
  • These hospitals include Beaumont, St Vincent’s, The Mater and St. James Hospital in Dublin. A full list of the HSE hospitals in Ireland can be viewed by following the link provided below.

Private Hospitals[edit | edit source]

  • The HSE panel has no input into the hiring of staff in the various private hospitals around Ireland. These hospitals include The Beacon, Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic.
  • It is advised to email your CV to the physiotherapy manager every 3-4 months as these hospitals are not subjected to the HSE embargo. A full list of the private hospitals in Ireland can be viewed by following the link provided below.

The Recruitment Process[edit | edit source]

How to Apply[edit | edit source]

  • The National Recruitment Service has been centralised to HSE National Recruitment Service Arás Sláinte Chluainín, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. The NRS can be contacted by email at [email protected].
  • Before the recruitment embargo was put in place applicants would send their CVs to this address. The panel would process these CVs and create a list of appropriate candidates for the available position.
  • At present there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the panel and it may be advised to wait until the panel has been reviewed before sending your CV. This review is expected to take place within the next few months.

If a Position Became Available[edit | edit source]

  • In a HSE hospital if the physiotherapy manager felt their physiotherapy department required an extra member of staff they would apply to the HSE, the panel would then begin the recruitment process.
  • The first step of the process is the panel would send out the candidates a competency based application form in relation to the job that was being offered.
  • The panel would also provide a Post Specification form that would explain the position that was available.

Shortlisting of Candidates[edit | edit source]

  • Criteria for shortlisting of the candidates are based on the information that the candidate provides in their CV which the panel already has access to and also the competency based application form.
  • The candidate’s suitability for the position would be based on these two key areas.
  • If the Panel felt that the candidate may be suitable for the position they would be offered an interview.

The Interview[edit | edit source]

  • Interviews are normally conducted by a three person board consisting of a subject expert, management specialist and a representative from the hospital.
  • Most interviews are competency based with credit awarded by the interview board to candidates who demonstrate during the interview that they possess the experience, competencies and skills specific to the position.
  • After a successful interview the candidate will be offered the position.

Useful Websites[edit | edit source]
[email protected].