The Big Physio Survey - Example of Mentoring

Keywords[edit | edit source]

mentoring, experience, knowledge, sharing, developing, achieving potential.

Who or what is my case report based on?[edit | edit source]

I have recently retired from the NHS as a clinical specialist. I have over 30 years of experience and training. My successor is enthusiastic and keen, but is aware of gaps in her knowledge and experience at the start of this job. I was asked to take part in her induction and we discussed together the role of mentoring and it was agreed that I would offer my services to do regular mentoring sessions. So this case report is based on one of these sessions.

What is the physiotherapy event or episode of care?[edit | edit source]

Having had several discussions on diagnosis, prognosis and expectations of the service, my colleague asked if we could do a practical session for techniques.

What were the aims of the physiotherapy event or episode of care?[edit | edit source]

The aims were to discuss particular cases that we're proving difficult to progress or we're not achieving there full potential . My aim was to expand some ideas for treatment.

What did I do?[edit | edit source]

I suggested ideas re clinical reasoning, problem solving and additional treatment techniques. We followed this with practical solutions to try with the individual patients

What was the outcome or effect?[edit | edit source]

My new replacement learnt several new techniques and felt we had expanded her ideas re assessment and treatment. She felt enthused and empowered to go and progress some of her treatment sessions, particularly with a young stroke victim.

Why did I do this? [edit | edit source]

I feel strongly that knowledge is for sharing and a positive outcome for therapists and patients has to be a good thing. This is a voluntary contribution to help achieve continued excellence.