Slope of Recovery

  1. Static: Function and symptoms are getting no worse or better
  2. Positive:  The patient is generally improving with symptoms and/or function. Often, the therapists first treatment goal is to get the patient on a positive slope.
  3. Negative: The overall condition is getting worse. In some cases (such as degenerative changes that are being appropriately managed may over the long run be on a negative slope). These patients often need medical intervention or intense patient education. However, if this is not a degenerative condition, your hypothesis, strategy and/or tactics must be reconsidered if you cannot return your patient to a positive slope.
  4. Oscillating: The patient makes clear swings in positive and negative responses to your intervention. Often, there are deficits in patient education and/or inappropriate dosage. Also, the therapist is often guessing at the intervention and may occassionally guess right and/or wrong. Your goal is to get this patient back on a positive slope.