Profile Of Function and Impairment Level Experience with Parkinson's Disease (PROFILE PD)

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Profile Of Function and Impairment Level Experience with Parkinson's Disease (PROFILE PD) used today is based on the Duke University Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale.[1] PROFILE PD was developed as an alternative to the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). The UPDRS is time-consuming and requires extensive training to administer proficiently, limiting its clinical utility for physiotherapists. PROFILE PD was developed with the goal to overcome these shortcomings.[2]

Intended Population[edit | edit source]

Unlike the UPDRS, which is more suited for later stages of PD, PROFILE PD can be used for all stages.[2]

Scoring and Interpretation[edit | edit source]

PROFILE PD is a 24-item scale, each item is scored between 0 (no problem) to 4 (severe or marked difficulty). This leads to a maximum score of 96 which suggests extreme dysfunction and a lowest score of 0 referring to no dysfunction.[2]

The 24 items are divided into three sections[2]:

A. Body systems[edit | edit source]

1. Tremor with activity

2. Resting tremor

3. Rigidity

4. Posture

5. Postural stability

6. Dyskinesia

7. Dystonia

8. Clinical fluctuations

9. Falling

10. Freezing with gait/ Start hesitation

11. Body bradykinesia

B. Activities[edit | edit source]

12. Speech

13. Dressing

14. Hygiene

15. Mealtime activities

16. Simple transfers

17. Bed mobility

18. Chair rise

19. Gait

20. Fine motor movement performance

21. Gross motor performance

C. Cognition/Affect[edit | edit source]

22. Depression

23. Memory

24. Involvement

Psychometric properties[edit | edit source]

Validity[edit | edit source]

Construct validity was established with UPDRS (r = 0.86), Schwab & England Activities of Daily Living Scale (r = -0.83), and Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance test (r = -0.62).[2]

Reliability[edit | edit source]

Inter-rater reliability of PROFILE PD is high (ICC = 0.97).[2]

Translations[edit | edit source]

A Brazilian version of PROFILE PD has been developed.[3]

Resources[edit | edit source]

PROFILE PD is included in the Appendix of this paper.

References[edit | edit source]

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