Problem Oriented Medical Record

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Developed by Weed and Zimny [1]

Phases of POMR[edit | edit source]

Phase 1 The formation of a database, including history, physical examination and laboratory and other test results

Phase 2 Identification of a specific problem list from the interpretation of the database, including specific impairment of function (Physical, psychological, social and vocational) resulting from the disease process or from secondary impairments.

Phase 3 Identification of a specific POC that includes interventions for each of the problems described; evaluative and progress notes are included for each problem.

Phase 4 Determination of the effectiveness of the POC and subsequent changes as a result of patient progress.

It Highlights[edit | edit source]

The POMR thus highlights the relationship of the database to the POC and allows the specific patient problems to become the central focus of planning.

References[edit | edit source]

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