Primary Community and Continuing Care

  • Primary, Community and Continuing Care is responsible for a range of non-hospital services. This includes general practice, community based health and personal social services, services for older people and children, disability services, mental health services and social inclusion. Further details on the Primary Care Strategy is available from

The role of the primary care physiotherapist:

  • Specialist “generalist”
  • Health promotion/Health improvement
  • Promote functional independence
  • Liaison with patients, carers, other disciplines
  • Communication
  • Improve quality of life
  • Support of carers
  • Advice

– Specialist generalist
– Autonomy
– Independent
– Variety of caseload
– Challenging
– Realistic
– Flexible
– Appreciation of patients and carers circumstances
– Consultation with relatives
– Educational value of co-visits
– Alternatives to hospital admission
– Insight into social networks

– Isolation
– Gaps in support
– Frustrating
– Complex cases
– Social problems
– Lack of career structure
– Conflict
– Delay in getting treatment
– Travelling
– Lack of diagnostic facilities
– Lack in opportunities for continuing education