Pittsburgh Knee Rules


A clinical decision rule used to indicate the use of radiography of the knee following an injury.


Radiographs of the knee should performed if the mechanism of injury is a fall or blunt trauma and either one of the following:

1) Patient is younger than 12 or older than 50

2) Inability to walk four weight-bearing steps

These rules do not apply to individuals who present more than 6 days after injury, those with only superficial lacerations and abrasions, those with a previous history of knee injury or surgery on the affected knee, and those being reassessed for the same injury. [1]


Diagnostic Accuracy

In a study by Seaberg et al., of 934 patients evaluated the Pittsburgh knee rules applied to 745 with a sensitivity of 0.99 and a specificity of 0.60.  There was the potential to reduce radiography by 52% with one missed fracture. [2]

In a more recent study by Cheung et al., the Pittsburgh knee rules had a pooled sensitivity of 0.86 and a pooled specificity of 0.51. [3]

Recommendations for Clinical Practice

The Pittsburgh knee rules are often compared to the Ottowa knee rules.  While the Pittsburgh knee rules have a higher specificity, each have almost identical sensitivities. [2][3] The ability of these rules to rule out a condition, and thus avoid a radiograph is important and their most valuable characteristics.  With proper training either set of rules could be adopted for use. [1]


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