Physiopedia Assignment for Teaching and Learning In Physical Therapy Practice


Description[edit | edit source]

Student Introduction to Interaction on Physiopedia

Project Instructors[edit | edit source]

Instructed by Elaine Lonnemann & Beth Ennis at Bellarmine University, Louisville KY, USA

Project Objectives:[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of this project the learner will be:
1. Use a wiki specifically designed by and for Physical Therapists
2. Create wiki text as the syntax or user interface for editing or formatting text on a wiki page.
3. Edit a wiki page
4. Create a user profile and profile page within Physiopedia
5. Add a hyperlink, image or video to a wiki page
6. Add a reference or resource using current referencing style established in Physiopedia

Project Directions[edit | edit source]

A video tutorial of this information can be viewed here

1. Review the Physiopedia site
2. Request an Account. This will require that you fill out a personal profile. Fill out the initial information and the administrator will send approval within 48 hours.
3. After your account has been approved your assignment will consist of two parts

1.  Fully develop your profile[edit | edit source]

Keeping in mind that future employers may view this:

  1. Add a photograph
  2. Add content to each of the following areas on your profile page
  3. Insert a hyperlink to a website within your content. For example, my profile might state I am a professor at Bellarmine University. I could add a hyperlink to Bellarmine University’s web page by highlighting Bellarmine University and adding a hyperlink. (world with paperclip icon in the menu)

Grading Rubric[edit | edit source]

20 points total     

Grading Rubric
User Profile developed with content submitted in all areas including image and link 10

Useful Resources for this Project[edit | edit source]

Feedback[edit | edit source]

If you have any additions to this project you would like to make, please feel free to do so and then add them to this page.  Or you can click on the Discussion tab and write any comments or questions on that page for others to view.  Any feedback you have for us is welcomed and you can contact Elaine Lonnemann by email ([email protected]).  If this project was utilized, please let us know!