Physiopedia:Community Culture

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This community culture has been developed to foster a professional community among Physiopedia users. It is our shared set of beliefs, expectations, and values that influence content development and the ways in which individuals in our community interact with one another and collaborate to achieve common objectives.

As a member of the Physiopedia community, you agree to:

Respect Others[edit | edit source]

As a Physiopedia Editor you are part of an international professional community. We respect others at all times, particularly where there are language barriers, differing levels of education and cultural differences.

Understand the Non-Hierarchical Structure[edit | edit source]

In this dynamic engaged community everyone is equal irrespective of their age, experience, and qualifications.

Be Both a Learner and a Teacher[edit | edit source]

We all have knowledge to share and there will always be situations where we can help each other regardless of our age, experience or geographical location. We all make contributions where we can.

Stay Within Your Scope of Practice[edit | edit source]

It is unacceptable to operate outside of our professional scope of practice.

Respect Copyright[edit | edit source]

Copying other people's work is unacceptable. Where we refer to other people's work, we always appropriately reference that person's work.

Not Vandalise.[edit | edit source]

Inappropriate editing of pages, by removal of appropriate content or addition of inappropriate content, is unacceptable. As an interested member of this community, you will report vandalism immediately.

Not Advertise.[edit | edit source]

Advertising does not have a place on this website. We might, however, add links to our work, such as publications, websites, presentations and courses on our own profile page.