Mindfulness Techniques For Pain Management

Mindfulness Mechanisms:[edit | edit source]

Refocus thought

Eliminate negative thought

And, reduce tension and stress

The Body Scan:[edit | edit source]

Allows the patient to focus on each body part and how it’s feeling in the moment.

Step 1 – Lie comfortably, remove potential distractions

Step 2 – Notice body parts in contact with the surface laid upon. Search for lingering tension and relaxing those parts of your body

. Step 3 – Let go of the past. Forget the future. Focus on the moment and let all other thoughts simply drift away.

Step 4 – Body scan from toe tips to cranium. For each body part, feel for any sensations. When your mind wanders, observe where it's gone and return focus to the body part. Don’t pass judgement on the feeling or your attention. Accept each feeling that comes, then move on.

Step 5 – Become aware of your body as a whole. Stay present in the moment feeling any feeling that comes up fully and completely.

Integrating Mindfulness and Exercise:[edit | edit source]

1. Focus on the purpose of Meditation and Exercise

Perhaps to:

- Sustain attention

- Navigate emotions

- Enhance life expectancy

- Enhance energy

2. Avoid sensory overload

- Exercise without audio, phones, podcasts, music or videos

3. Tap into sensation

- Compare body parts to each other, and to previous sessions - The body scan techniques work well here

4. Note surroundings

- Focus on the atmosphere, any noises, the temperature

5. Anchor attention via breathing

- Focus on inhalations and exhalations - Observe the tempo of your breath

6. Anchor on components of the exercise

- The rotation of pedals, ascent and descent or a barbell

7. Practice non-judgement

- Appreciate your current ability, speed, and endurance - If exercising together, practice avoiding comparisons

Exercises for mindful movement:[edit | edit source]

1. Dynamic mountains - Stand with feet hip-width apart - Inhale and reach both your arms forward and overhead. - As you exhale, reach your arms out to the sides and down. Repeat this movement for three breaths.

2. Side Sways - Bring arms overhead as you inhale. - Exhale and sway to your right, reaching over your head with your left hand. Inhale and come back to the center, - As you exhale, reach your right hand over to the left. - Inhale and reach both of your arms up together. Repeat this for three breaths.

Grounding[edit | edit source]

Activities to help one connect with the earth

  • Go barefoot. Walk outside, in the grass in the morning while the dew is still fresh is optimal.
  • Lay down. Laying down in the grass or on the sand, Be sure to choose a place that is safe and free from anything that can hurt you!
  • Take a dip. Swimming in a clear lake or the ocean is a great way to experience grounding.
  • Use Grounding Equipment. Mats, blankets or sheets.