Metatarsal Squeeze Test

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Purpose[edit | edit source]

This test is also called Morton's test and it is used to check for a Morton's neuroma in the intermetatarsal plantar digital nerve. [1]

Technique[edit | edit source]


The patient is positioned long sitting in a couch while the medial and lateral aspects of the forefoot of the patient are grasped by the clinician/examiner using one hand. The examiner then proceed to squeeze the medial and lateral parts of the foot earlier grasped with a hand while the tender area is palpated with the other hand. A positive test is indicated by the aggravation of the pain. [1]

Clinical Context[edit | edit source]

Neuromas generally result from the irritation of the intermetatarsal plantar digital nerve as it passes below the metatarsal ligament. Tight and poorly fitted footwears are usually blamed for the symptoms which is usually a deep, localised burning pain and paraesthesiae in the plantar aspects of the forefoot. The neuromas are usually found in the space between the third and fourth metatarsals. [3]

Clinical Tip[edit | edit source]

Moulder sign is a click heard during the test and it is thought to be produced by the gliding actions of the two metatarsals in the dorsal and plantar directions while compression is applied by the examiner. [4][5] An accessory sign is produced by the extension of metacarpophalangeal joint which further tightens the ligament and consequently compresses the nerve further. [3]

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