Inferior Mesenteric Artery


It is the anterior branch of the Abdominal Aorta that gives off at approximately the level of the L3 vertebra. It gives branches that feed the digestive system organs that are not fed by the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric artery in the abdominal cavity.


1. Its first branch is the left colic artery, which feeds the right 1/3 of the transverse colon, where the middle colic artery does not provide blood supply, and also the descending colon.

2. The second branch is the sigmoid artery, which provides blood supply to the sigmoid colon, which is called sigmoid after the letter 'S' it forms as a result of the curve of the colon as it flows into the pelvis. It usually gives more than one branch to the sigmoid colon and is aa. It is called aa. sigmoideii.

3. The last branch is the superior rectal artery, which will feed the upper 1/3 of the rectum.