ICRC Physiotherapy Standards Content Development Project

Original Editor - Kim Jackson

Top Contributors - Cindy John-Chu and Kim Jackson  

Description[edit | edit source]

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) support Global physical rehabilitation programmes (PRP). These programmes are often undertaken in challenging circumstances around the world. Physiotherapy staff are recruited globally and their expertise, experiences, level of qualifications and training opportunities are often varied and diverse. To ensure a professional standard of consistent practice, valid and reliable outcome and quality measurement is therefore challenging. In order to address this the ICRC have developed a workshop on Physiotherapy standards. The workshop shares tools to enable the implementation of the standards by physiotherapists. In order to make the information more accessible to the global physiotherapy community, in partnership with Physiopedia, this workshop will be adapted to create Physiopedia content.

Project Team[edit | edit source]

Project Lead[edit | edit source]

Kim Jackson

Project Dates[edit | edit source]

February 2021 - ongoing

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