Evidence of Learning

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Examples of Evidence[edit | edit source]

These examples are based on work done by the Allied Health Professions project 'Demonstrating competence through CPD' and can be found on the HPC website.

Things you may have produced[edit | edit source]

  • Information leaflets
  • Case studies
  • Critical literature reviews
  • Adapted user/student notes
  • Policy or position statements
  • Discussion documents
  • Procedural documents
  • Documents relating to national or local processes (e.g. schemes for peer review, mentorship or clinical supervision)
  • Recent job applications
  • Reports (e.g. on project work, clinical audit, reviews of activity)
  • Business plans
  • Protocols
  • Guidance materials (e.g. for service users, colleagues or students)
  • Clinical audit tools
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Course assignments
  • Action plans
  • Course programme documents
  • Presentations
  • Articles produced for publication
  • Questionnaires
  • Research papers/proposals/funding applications/ethical approval applications
  • Induction materials for new members of staff
  • Learning contracts
  • Contributions to work of a professional body
  • Contributions to work of a special interest group

Materials demonstrating reflection & evaluation of learning & practice[edit | edit source]

  • Profiles drawn from learning portfolios
  • Adapted documentation arising from appraisal, clinical supervision, job evaluation, compliance with locally-implemented competence frameworks.
  • Documentation from compliance with local or national CPD schemes
  • Evaluation of courses/conferences attended
  • Personal development plans
  • Documented and approved claims for academic credit for prior or experiential learning

Materials acquired from others[edit | edit source]

  • Testimonies
  • Letters from users, carers, students or colleagues
  • Course certificates

References[edit | edit source]