Evidence of Learning

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Examples of Evidence

These examples are based on work done by the Allied Health Professions project 'Demonstrating competence through CPD' and can be found on the HPC website.

Things you may have produced

  • Information leaflets
  • Case studies
  • Critical literature reviews
  • Adapted user/student notes
  • Policy or position statements
  • Discussion documents
  • Procedural documents
  • Documents relating to national or local processes (e.g. schemes for peer review, mentorship or clinical supervision)
  • Recent job applications
  • Reports (e.g. on project work, clinical audit, reviews of activity)
  • Business plans
  • Protocols
  • Guidance materials (e.g. for service users, colleagues or students)
  • Clinical audit tools
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Course assignments
  • Action plans
  • Course programme documents
  • Presentations
  • Articles produced for publication
  • Questionnaires
  • Research papers/proposals/funding applications/ethical approval applications
  • Induction materials for new members of staff
  • Learning contracts
  • Contributions to work of a professional body
  • Contributions to work of a special interest group

Materials demonstrating reflection & evaluation of learning & practice

  • Profiles drawn from learning portfolios
  • Adapted documentation arising from appraisal, clinical supervision, job evaluation, compliance with locally-implemented competence frameworks.
  • Documentation from compliance with local or national CPD schemes
  • Evaluation of courses/conferences attended
  • Personal development plans
  • Documented and approved claims for academic credit for prior or experiential learning

Materials acquired from others

  • Testimonies
  • Letters from users, carers, students or colleagues
  • Course certificates