Clinical Case Presentations Continuing Education Opportunity for Physical Therapists


Description[edit | edit source]

Bellarmine University is offering a continuing education opportunity for all practising physical therapists and physiotherapists.  

As part of a long term project Bellarmine University has been building a catalogue of pages in Physiopedia on the pathophysiology of complex patient problems.   Project participants will contribute to this project by providing a case presentation on one of their clients in relation to any of the complex patient conditions listed. Your presentation will be received and peer reviewed by the physical therapy team at Bellarmine University.  It will then be added to the related page in Physiopedia to contribute to the education of students using these pages for learning and also for further collaborative discussion.   

Accreditation[edit | edit source]

  1. This project has state board approval in Kentucky, USA. You will receive four contact hours of category 1 continuing education credit.
  2. You will also receive a Physiopedia certificate of completion and the related Physiopedia badge.

We are currently seeking approval in other states and countries.

Project Instructors[edit | edit source]

Elaine Lonnemann

Project Dates[edit | edit source]

You can take part in this project at any time.  

The project started in August 2010 and is ongoing.

Project Objectives[edit | edit source]

The case presentations opportunity will offer strategies to provide:

  1. Professional writing opportunities for clinicians with external peer review.
  2. Clinician understanding of the components of a case presentation that can potentially be published as a case report with the addition of a literature review and supportive studies.
  3. Clinician exposure to professional literature related to current evidence-based practice (EBP) guidelines.
  4. An interactive forum between project participants, students and academic faculty for collaborative learning.
  5. An ongoing forum to present contemporary clinical practice standards and expectations.
  6. Academic institution support and appreciation to project participants for contributions to the training of future clinicians.
  7. Clinician exposure to online learning in a wiki format.
  8. Opportunity to contribute to an free and open online professional resource.

Project Directions[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in taking part in this project and would like to write a case presentation in return for credit you can do so by following these instructions:

  1. Choose an interesting client from your caseload relating to one of the topics listed on this page.
  2. Contact Elaine Lonnemann by email ([email protected]) for approval of patient diagnosis.
  3. Write up the case presentation based on this template
  4. Email your completed case presentation to Elaine
  5. Your case presentation will then be reviewed
  6. Once approved your case presentation will be added to the appropriate clinical pages in Physiopedia and also to the Case Studies section.
  7. You will receive your continuing education credit after completing the course feedback survey.

Feedback[edit | edit source]

Any feedback you have for us is welcomed and you can contact Elaine Lonnemann by email ([email protected]).