Adding Badges

Physiopedia Badges are awarded to people who get involved in Physiopedia and acheive the specific requirements to be awarded a each badge. To see the specific requirements for each badge go to the badges page and click on each badge image to find out more information about that badge.

You may only a badge if you have received it as an award by Physiopedia the administration team.

With that badge you are free to:

  • Add to your Physiopedia profile.
  • Display on your own website or blog.
  • Share on your social media network.
  • Reference in your CV or portfolio.

To Add the badge to your Physiopedia Profile

First add a subheading to your profile page titled 'Physiopedia Awards'

To make this heading add the wikitext:

== Physiopedia Awards ==

Below this you can add your badges.  To do this you will need to add the badge image which has already been uploaded to Physiopedia.  First find the badge file name:

  1. go to the Badges page
  2. click on the badge you have been awarded, it will open in a new page and the name of that badge is shown at the top of the page, for example:

Next add this badge under your new Physiopedia Awards subheading.  

For example, to include a 'Yellow Belt' badge, you'd enter:


Which would give:


If you have been awarded multiple badges you can add them side by side.  To do this you will need to put them in a table, like this:

{| border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" 

Which would look like this:

Yellow-belt.png Yellow-belt.png