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Name: Sazia Queyam,PT[edit | edit source]

".....with knowledge comes the responsibility to serve the higher purpose of living."

Work Experience:[edit | edit source]

I completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2015 from Rajasthan University Of Health Sciences, Jaipur. Post my integrated internship, I started my career as a Subject Matter Expert(SME-Physiotherapist) and worked in TATA Interactive Services (Mumbai, Location) on a project of McGraw-Hill Education. It involved creating, editing, designing e-learning course related to Athlete Fitness and Wellness. That 2-month long project gave me exceptional exposure to work as a team with Content editors, Instructional Designers, Animators, Business Managers, and other professionals of varied academic backgrounds.

In 2016, I joined GOQii( Fitness wearable company), as Fitness and Lifestyle Coach(remote) and got on-job training to handle National users/clients empowering them to lead a healthy active life by mentoring virtually.

In 2017, I joined HealthifyMe ( Health and Wellness App) as Physiotherapy consultant and Fitness Trainer( remote). This is my current job. Here, I get to coach hundreds of National and International users on a daily basis.

My transition from Physiotherapy core field to Fitness and Wellness was very seamless. Both genres advocate the need for preventive strategies and after-ailment care. My interest lies in utilizing real time and past data of users/patients/clients to give the best outcome possible applying evidence-based practice and my academic expertise.

I am here on Physiopedia, as I believe my profession demands up-to-date knowledge, teamwork, awareness of global health trends, learning patient care soft-skills and overall humanizing the field of preventive and rehabilitative care to make people of this planet a lot healthier, happier, productive and lead a life of high quality

Sazia Queyam,PT

About Me:[edit | edit source]

I am a curious lifelong learner who loves exploring, creating, discovering new possibilities. My proactive work attitude is based on the thought of "Practice what you preach". I took this wonderful field of physiotherapy out of my love for sports and human biology.

My patients/clients testimonials quote me as a strong proactive motivator, empathetic therapist and a creative problem-solver.

Reading academic or non-fiction literature, learning new skills online, exercising is my ideal way of utilizing time.

Other than academics my interests are Drawing, Sketching, Calligraphy, Journaling to name a few.

Education:[edit | edit source]

  • B.P.T ( Bachelor Of Physiotherapy) from Rajasthan University Of Health Sciences.(2009-2014)
  • Internship from Govt. Hospital MBS, Kota. (2015)

Other Qualifications:[edit | edit source]

  • Certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Instructor.
  • Certified Pilates Instructor.
  • Certified Health Coach.

Physiopedia Badge:[edit | edit source]

Yellow Badge Physiopedia Volunteer

Workshop/CME/Certification:[edit | edit source]

  • Workshop on Advanced Rehabilitation Technology in Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Introduction to Bioethics (GeorgetownX-edX MOOC).
  • Behavioral Medicine: A Key to Better Health ( Karolinska Institutet-edX MOOC).

Awards/Achievements:[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous prizes in sports competitions of school and college ( Relay, Sprint, High-Jump, Volleyball, etc).
  • Won dozens of prizes in Co-Curricular competitions of school and college ( Drawing, Painting, Extempore, Story-writing, Poetry, etc).
  • Best Reader of School (2006).
  • Represented school in North Zone Athletic Meet (2003).

Professional Affiliations:[edit | edit source]

Fitness Coach/Trainer/Physiotherapy consultant at HealthifyMe Wellness Products and Services Private Limited.

Where you can find me:[edit | edit source]

HealthifyMe Coach-Sazia Queyam

LinkedIn-Sazia Queyam