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Philans Cosmos Ankrah, tDPT CKTP CDNP

About Philans Cosmos Ankrah[edit | edit source]

Ghanaian born in Accra-Ghana.

Currently practising in Rehoboth Physio & Pain Care in George Town, Cayman Islands. Licensed to practice in Cayman Islands (British overseas territory), and Dubai (the United Arab Emirates).

Having trained in Ghana, Australia and Dubai, he has relevant exposure to physiotherapy practise in various settings.

Experienced in neuro-rehabilitation and musculoskeletal and sports therapy having served as therapist for Yeboah Hospital-Ghana and as head of medical team for the Rugby League Federation Ghana (RLFG).

He is a board member of the Ghana Rheumatoid Arthritis Guidelines Committee, a multidisciplinary team set up to write up a comprehensive guideline on how to diagnose and manage Rheumatoid Arthritis as a guide for all health professionals at all levels of care in Ghana.

He is "Page Owner" of the Rehabilitation in Sport page on physiopedia as part of the One Page Project.

Professional Affiliations[edit | edit source]

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CPAM - Cayman Islands

Dubai Health Authority, Dubai-UAE

Primephysio (Dry Needling) - UK

Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network (CHAIN-NETWORK.ORG.UK) – UK 

Professional Appointments[edit | edit source]

Board Member - Ghana Rheumatoid Arthritis Committee

Ghana Rugby League Federation - as head of medical team

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