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Kaylynn Schwamb

I am currently a graduate student in Physical Therapy school at Bellarmine University. I studied as an undergraduate student at Bellarmine as well, where I majored in Exercise Science with a minor in International Studies.

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Kaylynn Yvonne Schwamb

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I am a Doctorate of Physical Therapy student at Bellarmine University in my first year of the program. I also studied at Bellarmine University for my undergraduate education, majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in International Studies. I participated in the honors program, and I am currently working on my Thesis in which I am looking into the effects of aerobic dance on Parkinson's patients' symptoms and quality of life. Throughout my undergraduate years, I competed on Bellarmine University's Dance Team and in 2015 we won the Division 2 Team Dance National Competition.

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I graduated from Randal K. Cooper High School in Union, Kentucky in 2012. I studied Exercise Science with a minor in International Studies at Bellarmine University as an undergraduate student. Now, I am in my first semester of Bellarmine's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, planning to graduate in 2018. 

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I am a student member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

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