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Justin Bryan, PT, DPT[edit | edit source]

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My name is Justin, I am a physical therapist in the United States of America and a proud member of the Physiopedia Community. In addition to having my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, I also have a Bachelors of Science in Health, and I am currently an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist.

I have a background as a distance runner, competing in track and field and cross country during grade school and later at the university level. I enjoy running as a past time, as well as an integral part of staying healthy. This aspect of my life inspired the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in health science, concentrating on the study area of exercise physiology. Along with this degree, I also earned an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist certification.

After earning my undergraduate degree, I went on to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The decision to further my education in this way was in response to family health experiences that gave me a first hand look at what physical therapy is and how it can help people.

As a physical therapist I have interests in all areas of patient care, but in particular I am passionate about cardiovascular and post-surgical care. Much of my experience is in the acute care (hospital) setting treating critical care, transplant, cardiac, and neurology patients. Additionally, much of my education and experience took place during the COVID-19 pandemic; as this crisis grew longer, I decided to make a shift in my pursuits and transitioned to working as a Telehealth Physical Therapist. Now I provide treatment mainly to geriatric patients in senior living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

I am adamant about utilizing the most up to date information to guide my practice, and I am excited to help other healthcare professionals, students, and caregivers do the same.

Education[edit | edit source]

Bachelors of Science in Health (BSH) with a concentration in Exercise Physiology - University of North Florida - Class of 2017

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Florida - Class of 2021

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Von Willebrand factor multimer quantitation for assessment of cardiac lesion severity and bleeding risk

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