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Claire J Robertson

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Claire qualified in 1994 with a BSc(hons) Physiotherapy, 2003 MSc Physiotherapy, and PGCE in 2005. Claire has worked in the NHS and private practice, and currently is a lecturer, researcher and consultant physiotherapist running a specialist patellofemoral clinic at Wimbledon Clinics. Claire has published many research papers and editorials on the patellofemoral joint and patella tendon, and lectured internationally. In 2013 Claire has presented at the Physio First annual conference, Primary Care at the NEC, and BASEM's annual conference. She is also a reviewer herself for Physiotherapy Research International. Claire is currently involved in ongoing research in relation to the patellofemoral joint.In 2013 Claire was awarded a research grant by the Physiotherapy Research Foundation to investigate the meaning of patellofemoral crepitus to patients, and how this alters behaviour. Claire regularly delivers her own courses, and masterclasses on the patellofemoral joint, see Follow her @clairepatella

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BSc hons Physiotherapy Sheffield hallam University 1994.

MSc Physiotherapy University of East London, 2003

PGCE (teaching and learning in higher education) Kingston University,2005.

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CSP, HPC, Physio First.

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Wimbledon Clinics, Wimbledon 020 8944 0665

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