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My wish to become a physiotherapist was born when I worked full-time as a volunteer in an orthopaedic and rheumatological rehabilitation clinic in Aachen, Germany between 2014 - 2015. I was lucky to be able to start my physiotherapy training at the University Hospital of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen right after finishing my volunteer position. During my three years of education there, I worked in many clinics, amongst others in trauma surgery, the neurology- and aphasia-ward, the paediatric and neonatal clinic, obstetrics, psychiatry and different intensive care units. After the first year of training, I also started my academic career with the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. A year after completing my physiotherapy training (which is the official certification needed to work as a physiotherapist in Germany), I obtained my bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy in 2019.

Intrigued by not just the micro-universe that a patient resembles, but also by the macro-universe of global health systems and social determinants of health, I enrolled in a programme at the University of Barcelona. In July 2020, I successfully graduated with a master's degree in Global Health. My master's project revolved around the possibility to use physical activity as a culturally-sensitive coping mechanism for traumatised refugees and asylum seekers.

My fascination with movement and the human body, specifically the correlation between bio-psycho-social aspects, and a person's health potential drives my interest in contributing to the Physiopedia website as a global source for information about the physiotherapy profession!

Education[edit | edit source]

2015-2018 Physiotherapy professional training (apprenticeship) at the University clinic of the RWTH Aachen, Germany

2016-2019 Physiotherapy B.Sc. at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany

2019-2020 Global Health Master at the Barcelona Institute of Global Health and the University of Barcelona, Spain

Physiopedia Awards[edit | edit source]

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Professional Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Member of the German Physiotherapy Association physio-deutschland/ZVK

Member of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association

Publications[edit | edit source]

On the occasion of #WorldPTDay 2020 the team at the Global Health Next Generation Network was so kind as to publish my blogpost on Why we need physiotherapists in Global Health! It's a short read, grab a tea or coffee and check it out :)

Where you can find me[edit | edit source]

Visit my LinkedIn page to get in contact!