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Ahmed Muhammad Diab

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My name is Ahmed Diab. I graduated from Cairo University's faculty of physical therapy in 2012 after completing an internship year at one of Egypt's teaching hospitals. Following this training year, I began working in the private sector as a paediatric physiotherapist before being directed to a military hospital between May 2014 and June 2015. Then I began working for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, where I am still employed today. I also run my own physiotherapy clinic, which I've been running since September 2015. My area of expertise is neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy. Overall, being a physiotherapist entails taking responsibility for the patient, becoming a partner in his or her journey to recovery, and learning life-long lessons about resilience, patience, and the meaning of trust from each patient. I have a passion to be a learner, a researcher, and a teacher to young physios.

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Education[edit | edit source]

BscPhysiotherapy (Cairo University)

Professional Affiliations[edit | edit source]

  • Senior physiotherapist in Egyptian Ministry of Health
  • Member of Egyptian Physical Therapy Syndicate
  • Physiopedia

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