University of Nottingham Contemporary Practice in Manual Therapy - Lower Quadrant

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Course Description[edit | edit source]

This project forms part of the University of Nottingham’s postgraduate modules in Contemporary Practice in Manual Therapy – Lower Quadrant (B94019 and B4024).  Students will be creating evidence based presentations which will be hosted here on Physiopedia.

Course Instructors[edit | edit source]

Roger Kerry

Course Dates[edit | edit source]

9th October 2013 - 9th April 2014

Instructions to Students[edit | edit source]

You will undertake the production of a 10 minute video presentation focussing on a subject area of your choice. The presentation will be submitted as per usual University process, and in parallel will be hosted on Physiopedia's YouTube channel.

This 10 minute presentation will focus on a subject area of your choice. For example, this could be a pathology, a treatment intervention, a diagnostic test, or a therapeutic model/theory. You can explore good examples of these here.

You may choose from a variety of presentation formats, e.g. PowerPoint; Prezi; filmed footage etc. You will be introduced to software which enables the audio-video production of such presentations.

The content of the presentation will aim to meet all the requirements of this level of study including use of contemporaneous evidence and critical analysis. The required level of fluency and clarity will also be anticipated. (See handbook for full assessment criteria)

The presentation will be up-loaded here on Physiopedia and the associated YouTube channel, and disseminated around a large professional network. Its professional impact will be monitored through social media analytics. This component is built into the assessment mark so that social and professional impact can influence your final mark.

Final Presentations[edit | edit source]

View the presentations on YouTube

View the presentations on our Presentations page

Articles[edit | edit source]

Articles that include presentations uploaded for this project will be listed below: