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  • ...dia Team is to add media (videos, images and presentations) to Physiopedia pages to make them more informative and visually appealing. ...t informing the Media Manager of the location and nature of the identified errors).
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  • Below are a series of tutorial pages providing simple guides to the most common activities of Physiopedia reader *[[Editing pages|Editing pages]]
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  • New motor patterns are learned through movement, interactions with rich sensory environments, and challenging experiences that challenge a per ...e. The control of human movement has been described in many different ways with many different models of Motor Control put forward throughout the 19th &amp
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  • * In the context of their relationship with their clients * In the context of their relationship with other veterinary professionals
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  • ...ient in physiotherapy, the idea is to confront the gait parameters we find with our own patient against the range of normality established for the correspo ...lity are acknowledged or considered negligible, results can be interpreted with higher confidence<ref name=":0" />.
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  • ...spinal cord injuries based on a standardized sensory and motor assessment, with the most recent revision published in 2019.<ref name=":0">ASIA and ISCoS In ...ade in comparison to sensation on the patient’s cheek as a normal frame of reference.<ref name="Burns et al" />
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  • ...ovascular Manifestations emerging from Long-term Follow-up of 150 patients with the Williams-Beuren-Beuren syndrome. Cardiology in the Young. (2009, Dec); ...ndrome<ref name="Sixteen">U.S. National Library of Medicine. Genetics Home Reference. Bethesda, MD: U.S. National Library of Medicine; [updated 2011 April 3; ci
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  • ...ature. Brain Injury. 2008;22(5):365–373.</ref>. Moreover, the limitations with the research in this patient group forces physiotherapists to utilise evide * [[Strength training in individuals with SCI|Strength training]] of lower limbs, trunk and pelvis surrounding muscle
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  • ...ttings” developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In collaboration with Humanity & Inclusion (HI) a French version of the programme of courses was ...Participants were required to complete online learning activities, engage with additional resources, take part in the conversation online and complete the
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  • * Inductive: it means starting with collecting data and then looking for patterns or drawing some kinds of theo ...was introduced in the 1960s followed by newly published academic journals with a focus on qualitative research over the following two decades, This has cr
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  • complete and will contribute to your CPD profile. Besides providing you with new information and researched evidence, there will be quizzes and opportun Physiopedia page, activities and tasks can be carried out individually, with colleagues or managers, or as part of a group. You may find that further or
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  • [Online] Department of Health; Available from: [Accessed: 27th January 2017]</ref>. It is estimate ...ority for governments within the UK providing the physiotherapy profession with a number of opportunities. It also states that the most up to date public h
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