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What People are Saying About Physiopedia[edit | edit source]

Physiopedia is a comprehensive resource for rehabilitation professionals, created and maintained by a community of passionate rehabilitation professionals. Our platform provides a wealth of knowledge, research, and resources relating to rehabilitation, with contributions from experts around the world. We welcome feedback from our all our users and are grateful for the positive testimonials we have received from everyone who finds our platform helpful, whether they are contributing or looking for evidence-based information they can trust.

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"The team at Physiopedia is doing an excellent job. Information which may not otherwise be available to myself and others is readily available as a result of Physiopedia. I feel like a better prepared physiotherapist as a result of Physiopedia". ~ Claron O’Neale, Physiotherapist, Grenada.

"I am a recent PT grad from America, and I am currently studying for a second licensing exam so I can practice also in Israel. I have been using Physiopedia extensively (as there is different information needed for this exam than in my American exam review guide PTEXAM), and I just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU! I so appreciate this website, and it's so much more helpful than other medical websites because it's speaking my PT language! Everything here is so well explained, very extensive in knowledge and so so helpful! Thank you for this service!!" ~ Rebecca, Physiotherapist, Manhattan, USA

I have used Physiopedia a lot this month due to being redeployed for the pandemic. It has been a great resource to keep me up to date! ~ Rhiannon Clement, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Great website.... very resourceful, well designed and informative. ~ Zane Cosgrove, Cairns, Australia

You guys have totally changed my practice by becoming more inquisitive and having better access to the evidence. I think Physiopedia helps us to push our boundaries and question why we are doing certain practices. ~ Michael Cline, Physical Therapist, USA

In our department we have 12 computers, one of those computers is a dedicated Physiopedia computer. ~ Bellarmine Graduate, USA.

I'm undergraduate physiotherapist in Srilanka. Physiopedia is the most recommended website for UG physiotherapists, ~ Sachintha Wanasinghe, Undergraduate Physiotherapy Student, Sri Lanka

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for having such clear and educational videos on your website. I am getting my studies as an osteopath and have found explanations that I’ve listen to very helpful and enlightening. Thank you! ~ Ashley Rose, Osteopath Student

Thank you for such an amazing platform. I love reading the Top Tips Tuesday. This is a great platform for students, academicians, clinicians, researchers and even patients. ~ Nupur Shah, College Lecturer, India

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Professional Organisations[edit | edit source]

"The International Committee of the Red Cross is proud to have supported three open courses developed and delivered by Physiopedia on lower limb amputee rehabilitation, managing children with cerebral palsy and clubfoot”  Barbara Rau, ICRC.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the work you and others do at physiopedia, I can say that working internationally in settings where high quality training and resources are rarely accessible, myself and many other PTs have found the website incredibly useful." Claire O'Reilly, Handicap International.

"The experience has been very interesting. It is rewarding, not only to watch the creation of information become available internationally ... but also to learn new skills as the Project Lead. Working with Rachael has enabled me to learn the basics of Wiki; she never loses patience and maintains enthusiasm for all use of Physiopedia – something that sustains project workers to maintain their own motivation. I would not hesitate in recommending the use of the Physiopedia site to build and share work that could of use across the globe." Bhanu Ramaswamy, AGILE.

Educators[edit | edit source]

"I was always searching for ways to share the information developed and presented by the students in our PT program with clinicians and other faculty. Physiopedia enables faculty members to promote early and creative publications by students. Not only is their work reviewed by PT’s around the world, but they have the opportunity to share it with their patients and clinical instructors. This has motivated them to do their best work and makes my job easy!" Dr. Elaine Lonnemann, Associate Professor Bellarmine University, USA.

“The Physiopedia 'Evidence Based Practice' project has clearly being recognized by the students as being the most interesting task in their e-portfolio.”  Professor Peter Vaes, Vrije Universiteit Brusse, Belgium.

“..student response to the site is overwhelmingly positive. The students enjoy the opportunity to do projects that persist beyond the classroom and provide a benefit to physiotherapists around the world.” Dr. Eric Robertson, Associate Professor Texas State University, USA.

"I thoroughly enjoy working with Physiopedia. They’re a business with a heart. Knowing my teaching is being accessed globally in less developed countries is a really big plus for me. They’re consistent, fun, plain talkers and they have a really cool website AND they do all the boring admin things for you! They even edited my videos to make it look like I know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them". ~ Chris Worsfold, Neck Pain Specialist, UK

"Our partnership with Physiopedia allows us to reach a global physiotherapy audience beyond what we ever thought was possible" ~ Jason Giesbrecht, Rehabilitation Leadership Specialist, Canada

The students shared getting a lot from the experience, which mainly dealt with the frustrations of finding meaningful data to share. This also caused them to appreciate what we, as professors, go through to prepare lecture material for them. That might be the best outcome of this project. We will definitely be doing this again in future classes and future cohorts. ~ Dr. Tony Varela, Assistant Professor at Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, USA

Students[edit | edit source]

"I have been using PP as a platform to review my anatomy and foundational PT knowledge (like with the GH and AC joint pages) as well as a place to post information about the special tests I have learned more recently in my ortho class (see Hawkins/Kennedy Test). I have quickly discovered that posting to PP has forced me to constantly review my notes from class, texts, and peer-reviewed articles for relevant information and data, and in doing so I am studying and more importantly, learning the information because I am reproducing, practicing, and constantly re-reading it. In addition, once the information I post to PP is live on the web, it is extremely easy and quick to reference during class or when I am studying (and I know it is correct!). I have found the wiki-based style of PP easy to learn and understand, which makes posting to PP worth the time and effort to do so. And because PP is evidence-based, it is forcing me to become more efficient (and effective) at finding evidence-based research studies and resources related to the topics I am learning about, which will be extremely beneficial for me in my future career as a PT. I hope to be a long-term contributor to PP, and will be attempting to recruit classmates and colleagues to help with the project". Tyler Shultz, physical therapy student, Medical College of Georgia, USA.

"My experience with Physiopedia has been extremely rewarding and successful. When first considering using this website to allow my work to be shared with other health care professionals, I was able to contact the website editor who was very helpful in guiding me through the necessary steps to make this opportunity possible. I wished to share my case report with other professionals in hope that this would continue and our profession would become more evidence-based and interactive, resulting in higher quality care and optimal patient results. I would recommend Physiopedia to all physical therapists as it is an excellent database for conferencing with other health care providers and finding helpful resources to better ones practice."
Jill Robison, DPT Student from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

“I really enjoyed working on this project. I feel that it allowed me a chance to do something that can be seen by many people to come.” Anonymous feedback, physical therapy student, Bellarmine University, US.

“This project was an opportunity for us to become more familiar with web-based resources and more importantly contribute to them.” Anonymous feedback, physical therapy student, Bellarmine University, USA.

“It was a great experience for learning how to contribute to our profession in a very accessible way.” Anonymous feedback, physical therapy student, Bellarmine University, USA.

"....I must say it's a pretty cool way to learn". Kathleen Nestor, physical therapy student, USA.

"….it is a great way of contributing to a field of knowledge which many people can use, especially if they count on scientific proof in their research." Nick Libotton, physiotherapy student, Vrije Universiteit Brusse, Belgium.

"I find the physiopedia project an interesting project. It offers us the opportunity as students to work on a theme, but we can also consult other areas if something is unclear physiotherapy related. The relevance of the information is of high quality because the used articles are scored. Because of this we create an image of the various aspects of physical therapy based on strong scientific evidence. This is helpfull to use in practice. I hope that in the future, more students or professionals will ad information on Physiopedia." Alexander Ghyssels, physiotherapy student, Vrije Universiteit Brusse,, Belgium.

Volunteers[edit | edit source]

"Caution, joining the team at Physiopedia could irreversibly change your professional life. I would strongly recommend to do the same for supporting the development of our global physiotherapy community". ~ Andrea Sturm, Physiotherapist, Austria.

"Thanks for creating a wonderful team atmosphere, even through the internet!"

“I was introduced to Physiopedia by a Senior Colleague and assuredly, there's nowhere else to get well-explained rehabilitative information on the internet. Updating the content periodically makes it one of a kind.  It also helps me to understand difficult terms and medical conditions - it is like a mobile textbook to me. Thanks to the team for such an invention.” ~ David, Nigeria

“When I was in PT school, I was very reliant on access to journals and scholarly material through my university's subscriptions/access, however when I finished PT school, that access went away. It was a luxury that I took for granted. I now realize how many clinicians do not have access to up-to-date scholarly resources. Physiopedia fills that need and I am excited to be a part of it.” ~ Jeremy, USA

“I chanced across Physiopedia while looking for resources to support my student education. I was surprised to find really comprehensive and useful information on injury management such as quad strains that my uni had not mentioned….” ~ Jonathan, Singapore

“...I've been using it to gain knowledge for the last year. It helped me a lot. There were a lot of topics I read at the end of my semesters and to help me prepare for my end of semester examinations…. Thanks physiopedia.” ~ Priyanshu, India

“For the last two years, Physiopedia has helped me understand principles and concepts I first thought were too complicated to learn. It was always my go-to to learn more and for research...” ~ Reem, Lebanon

“I started using Physiopedia for preparing my teaching notes and providing comprehensive knowledge to the students in a limited period of time. After a while, my university subscribed for the Physiopedia Plus account where students are encouraged everyone to use the resources for earning CPD and accessing the textbooks provided in the platform….” ~ Sivapriya, UAE

“I was not actually made aware of Physiopedia until after I graduated with my DPT degree, but I wish I had known about it sooner. It is an invaluable tool for quickly accessing information on pretty much any topic related to PT. One thing I really like is how most every article has links to other pages. I find this really helpful because I may not always know exactly what topic I want to search for when I need information. Links make it easier because I can just pick an easy place to start and go from there. Additionally, they are really nice when I find a page, but need just a little more information than what that particular page offers...” ~ Justin, USA

“I started using Physiopedia after graduating in 2019. It was so helpful as a new graduate to refer to when a patient came in with a diagnosis that I didn’t have experience with…I wish I had known about it sooner.!” ~ Tahreem, Pakistan

Physiopedia is not just for students, teachers, and clinicians, it helps on a personal level too: “I found Physiopedia when I got injured and was curious as to what was going on during running but soon discovered the real learning potential that it could bring. Now I am studying physiotherapy and use Physiopedia every day for self-learning, understanding new research, and opening my learning perspective. ...” ~ Mila, Netherlands

“Physiopedia has been the backbone of my knowledge, and the literature available is explicit. I always knew that the platform was a wonderful place with lots of effort put in by the team but as I begin my training to be a part of it, it is making me motivated and inspired to give back…” ~ Rujuta

It is more than just information on a page.  There is Physiopedia Plus.  “I was introduced to Physiopedia through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. The membership to Physiopedia was part of my CPA membership. The ease of taking courses from home at my own pace was fantastic. I have continued to maintain my membership personally. This has allowed me to feed my curiosity and drive to learn and improve my knowledge as a PT.” ~ Patti, Canada

“Physiopedia is a very useful and easily accessible site to gain fast and very reliable knowledge in any area of specialisation in Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation. Before having access to some useful Clinical and Academic resources was difficult but with the invention of the Internet and the help of Physiopedia, information is just a  few clicks away.  Making the content editable by a trained team is a big beautiful thing about the site. The free online courses are also helpful for physiotherapists, especially those from low- and middle-income countries. Overall, I would say Physiopedia is the best thing that has happened to physiotherapy and the world of rehabilitation.” ~ Temitope, Nigeria

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