Muscle Length Normative Values

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Muscle Normal Values[edit | edit source]

Each muscle has a normal range of values, while each person has a different amount of ability to achieve it. Below are generally accepted values for muscle length for some muscles as measured in degrees:[1]

Table 1. Muscle Length Normative Ranges [1]
Muscle Range ° Length (cm)
Pectoralis Major - Sternal Portion Lower Fibres

Shoulder Abducted to 150

Arm horizontal to table

15°-20° with overpressure

Pectoralis Major - Sternal Portion Mid Fibres

Shoulder Abducted to 90

Arm horizontal to table

30° with overpressure

Paraspinals - Schober's Test Excursion >6 cm
Hamstring 80° hip flexion with contralateral leg extended
90° hip flexion with contralateral leg flexed
Adductors 0° hip abduction (neutral)

20°-25° with overpressure in Modified Thomas Test position

45° hip abduction in supine position
TFL - IT Band 0° Hip Abduction

20°-25° with overpressure in Modified Thomas Test position

0° hip abduction (neutral)

15°-20° with overpressure

Rectus Femoris 90° knee extension,

125° with overpressure

Iliopsoas 0° hip extension,

10° with overpressure

References[edit | edit source]

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