Physiopedia is a registered charity and relies on financial and content contributions to support this professional online resource. There are two main ways to contribute:

  1. Financial contributions - to support ongoing free access
  2. Content contributions - to develop and update content

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Financial Contributions[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

Physiopedia content is created by volunteers from all over the world, your donation will help us to keep their work available for everyone to use. Physiopedia is a UK registered charity that uses your donation to keep the website up and running, enables content development projects and ensures that the site is kept free for everyone to use for ever!

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[edit | edit source]

In return for financial contributions to the Physiopedia charity organisations will be recognised as sponsors and will be widely recognised in our promotional activities.

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Shop[edit | edit source]

All profits from the Physiopedia shop go straight back into Physiopedia so grab yourself some Physiopedia apparel and proudly support this project for our global profession.

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Join Physiopedia Plus[edit | edit source]

Profits from Plus are given to Physiopedia to support the charity activities so when you join Plus you can know that you are also supporting continued free access to and content development of the Physiopedia resource. Plus is an an online platform that provides an easy solution to your continuing education and professional development needs. Online courses, learning assessments, certification and CPD points/CEUs are all provided in your own personal learning management system.

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Content Contributions[edit | edit source]

Individual Contributions[edit | edit source]

Physiopedia relies on the professional community to develop and maintain the Physiopedia content. If you are a physiotherapist or physical therapist any where in the world you can make edits to the Physiopedia content. If you see something on the Physiopedia website that needs correcting or updating, from a simple spelling mistake to an outdated technique, we invite you to update it.  

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Join the Volunteer Team[edit | edit source]

The volunteer team at Physiopedia is a team of enthusiastic physiotherapists and physical therapists who take part in a structured content contribution process. Being a volunteer is a great complement to any physiotherapist’s daily work and CV. Being a part of the Physiopedia team is fun at the same time as developing your professional knowledge and advancing your techie skills. Volunteering will contribute to your continuing education and professional development and you can know, and feel good about the fact, that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building this professional resource. All our volunteers complete the Volunteer Orientation Course after which they are provided with roles that suit their individual qualifications, experience and interests.

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Organisation Contributions[edit | edit source]

Organisations and universities have been running educational professional development activities for their students/staff/members in Physiopedia since 2009. This involves creating a structured environment for students/staff/members to contribute content to the site as part of their education and professional development.  Universities and colleges that provide physiotherapy and physical therapy education are invited to get involved with their students to contribute content to the Physiopedia website as part of an educational programme. Organisations and clinics are invited to get involved with their staff or members as part of a professional development programme.

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