Acute Care Index of Function

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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The Acute Care Index of Function (ACIF)

  • Was developed for neurological patients.
  • Is highly reliable for measuring physical function in ICU patients.
  • Valid in ICU, being closely correlated with the ICU Mobility Scale.
  • Strongly predicts the likelihood of discharge home from hospital.
  • May be a useful in the core set of outcome measures for ICU survivors[1]

Why Used[edit | edit source]

Early mobilisation of ICU patients results in shorter duration of ventilation, better functional outcomes and reduced delirium. Through effective collaboration of nursing, medical and physiotherapy staff, ICU patients are now achieving higher levels of physical function in the acute phase of their illness, including mobilisation whilst still ventilator-dependent.

Although early physical rehabilitation in ICU is of great importance, much of the rehabilitation continues beyond ICU discharge. As clinicians strive to minimise the physical, social and financial burdens of ICU survivorship, there is a need for measurement tools which can reliably and accurately describe physical function across the patient journey[2]

Basics[edit | edit source]

A 20 item instrument with activities to measure cognition and functional mobility.

4 subscales

  1. Mental Status
  2. Bed mobility
  3. Transfers
  4. Mobility[3]

Note: The ACIF has excellent inter-rater reliability in ICU patients and scores at ICU discharge predict the likelihood of discharge home.[1]

The average amount of time required to administer the ACIF was 12 minutes.

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