Working in Canada

                                                  Registration Process

  • Credentialing with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators 
  • Context of Physiotherapy Practice in Canada - short distance learning course
  • Written component of Physiotherapy Competency Exam
  • Interim registration with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (must have employer)
  • Clinical component of Physiotherapy Competency Exam


  • Apply for an English translation of your degree.
  • On completion of your studies apply for your transcripts from your university
  • For Irish applicants get copies of your leaving certificate, physiotherapy degree translation, ISCP certificate, passport declaration form and your dissertation notarized
  • Complete the credentialing application form and send with supporting documentation and payment to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy. 

                                                    Job Opportunities 

The occupation of Physiotherapist is listed on the Canadian Priority Occupation List (POL). Candidates who score 67 points and appear on this list are eligible for skilled migration to Canada without the requirement of having a job offer from a Canadian employer and are able to immigrate to Canada as a matter of priority, with the potential to arrive within months of beginning the application process.


Credentialing - €650

Context of Physiotherapy Practice course - €150

Written PCE - €600

CPTBC registration -€300

Clinical PCE - €900

Total cost - €2,600

                                             Initial Basic Grade Salary

Salary expectation - €2,400 net per calendar month

                                                    Useful Websites