Working With War Survivors

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Handicap International is a pleased and proud to lead the “Working With Survivors of War” project. This project aims to provide a helpful resource for Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists who these days may more frequently encounter refugees who have experienced war trauma. The focus of the project will be on Physiotherapy and refugee health.

Project Lead


Project Dates

Mid August 2017 – end December 2018

Project sections

  1. Physiotherapy for Survivors of War and Trauma
    1. Injury profile
    2. Unaddressed long-term health issues
  2. Physiotherapy with a Middle Eastern population
    1. Understanding of Physiotherapy
    2. Attitudes to disability and rehabilitation
    3. Cultural considerations
  3. Physiotherapy for Survivors of Torture (SoT)
  4. Patients Speaking English as a Second Language (ESL)
  5. Self-care for the Physiotherapist working with survivors of war and trauma