Volunteering Opportunities



On graduation, if you find yourself unemployed and unable to get a volunteering job in a hospital or in a private practice and you are afraid you might lose some of the skills or theory you learnt in college, fear not. There are always options out there that are available to you.


JobBridge is a new National Internship Scheme that will provide work experience placements for interns for a 6 or 9 month period (1st July 2011 – 30 June 2013). Interns will receive an allowance of €50 per week on top of their existing social welfare entitlement, andwork hours will range from 30 – 40 hours per week (agreed between the volunteer and host organisation).


Currently in receipt of a live claim (Jobseekers Allowance/Jobseekers Benefit/Signing for Credits) on the live register. And have been in receipt of jobseekers benefit, Jobseekers Allowance or signing for Social Insurance Contribution Credits for a total of 3 month(78 days) or more in the last 6 months.

For guidelines on the Jobbridge scheme visit, http://www.jobbridge.ie/toolkit/generalguidelines.pdf


This could be very beneficial for the basic grade that has a special interest in stroke rehabilitation. Information regarding The Volunteer Stroke Scheme:
It was set up in 1983 to Provides emotional support, the clubs provide physiotherapy and brain challenging activities such quizzes, musical mornings, scrabble, and card games such as bridge. The groups meet up two days a week.
There is now four Dublin based clubs (Castleknock, Kilmore, Crumlin and Dundrum.) where groups meet on a weekly basis and participate in therapeutic type activities, as well as physiotherapy sessions. There is also a useful link to recommended reading and relevant articles to stroke on the webpage that you can familiarise yourself with before you join the organisation.

To get the process going simply visit www.strokescheme.ie click on To Help and follow the online prompts.
On doing so you will come to an online slip that you must print off and fill it in with your name, address, mobile number, signature and date and enclose a cheque to the value of 20.00 euros and send it to Volunteer Stroke Scheme, 249 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12.

For further information:Email:[email protected], Tel: 01-4559, www.strokescheme.ie,www.stroke.ie.


Visit http://www.specialolympics.ie/GETINVOLVED/VOLUNTEERS.aspx

The types of opportunities the basic grade physiotherapist could expect to get involved in may include:

-Volunteering in a local club
- Volunteering as a coach
- Volunteering for sports events and competitions
- Volunteering for the Athlete Leadership Programme
- Volunteering for fundraising
- Volunteering as a tutor
- Volunteering for e-learning
- Volunteering as an administrator

Important information prior to volunteering:
• All volunteers are subject to police vetting procedures.
• It may take up to 4 months for an application to be processed.
• It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the Special Olympics Ireland Policies and Procedures which can be found online.

You can either sign up online or download the forms athttp://www.specialolympics.ie/GETINVOLVED/VOLUNTEERS/VOLUNTEERNOW.aspx

After signing up it is necessary to complete online training. Before you do you must follow the link below and follow the online instructions.
Please read the FAQs before registering for online training.

If you have any queries regarding volunteering for the Special Olympics simply e-mail:[email protected]


There are centres in Galway, Roscommon, Clare, Limerick, South East and Southern regions.
Brothers of Charity are concerned with empowering people with intellectual disability/ autism to live the lives they choose. The organisation is currently undergoing a transformation in the way in which they support and serve people with intellectual disabilities in line with the best practice internationally.

They aim to form relationships/partnerships with each individual and their family, enabling them to design their own service so that they can enjoy a real life in a real place with a healthy balance of supports. The organisation aims to create opportunities for people with an intellectual disability to have valued social roles in their communities and to have a chance to form real friendships.

Above information retrieved from http://www.brothersofcharity.ie/index.php on the 02/05/2012.

To volunteer simply visit the following site athttp://www.brothersofcharity.ie/volunteers.php and contact the relevant company i.e. Galway/Limerick/ Clare/ Roscommon/ South East and Southern region branches (details are provided on the webpage).



Volunteer Ireland is a single national volunteering organisation for Ireland. The focus of Volunteer Ireland is to create an enabling environment for volunteering, to develop an ethos of volunteerism across all sectors of society and to be an independent and legitimate voice for volunteering. Working with our local Volunteer Centres, volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers, Volunteer Ireland will be a powerful advocate for volunteering in Ireland.

To sign up, visit http://www.volunteer.ie/-volunteer-.html and follow the links for registering as a volunteer. When registering make sure you specify that you are an unemployed graduate physiotherapist looking for volunteering opportunities in the area of health/disability or any other area that interests you.

Volunteer for events such as the Dublin marathon.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for notifications for volunteering for events such as the Dublin marathon (29th of October) or triathlons on the ISCP website.


Volunteering for different sports teams or clubs is a great idea. However, it is recommended that before you get involved you to partake in a sports traumatology course. If there is already chartered physiotherapists involved try and get a foot in and at the very least shadow them once or twice a week at trainings and matches/competitions. Also if you are volunteering for sports teams as a basic grade ensure you have a fully equipped kit bag containing the following:

• Tape- prowrap (3"), zinc oxide (1", 1.5"), elastoplast (1",2",3.5",5"), conform (2"), leukotape, electrical tape (5"), crepe bandage, medirip bandage, tear light (2", 3.5").
• Dressings- Mepore, melolin, primapore, kaltostate, gauze, opsite, elastoplast/ band-aid, compeed (blister dressing), steristrips, sterile eye pad.
• Sprays- skin tuffner, tape remover, coolant, opsite plastic skin.
• Antiseptics- betadine, antiseptic savalon cream/liquid, betnesol eye/ear/nose drops.
• Meds- malox plus, gaviscon liquid/tablets, indigestion tablets, optrex, sudocream, arnica capsules/ointment, tincture benzoin (Prior's balsam), adrenaline 1mg in 1ml, aspirin, solpadine, ammonia salts (smelling salts), oruvail gel.
• Misc- vaseline, blunt-end scissors, tweezers, pliers, safety pins, moreskin, hydrogel (silicon pad), heel lifts, rubber gloves, plastic bags (ice), orthopaedic felt, tubigrip (size D and E), cotton wool, triangular bandage, sling, cervical collar, mouth guard, seatbelt.


Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families from 40 locations in 14 counties (Children’s Services are based in Cork, Clare, Cavan, Dublin (Tallaght&Sandymount), Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, North Tipperary, Wicklow
Bernie on 01 8857 161), Email; [email protected]


There is a range of options for those interested to volunteer abroad. Organisations which include Physiotherapy as part of their volunteer scheme are:
www.projects-abroad.ie. Working in hospitals and clinics depending on where you go. (Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Vietnam)


The availibility of support/mentor with whom the volunteer could talk through the assessment, treatment plan, and outcomes of some of the patients with whom they have contact,access to any relevant in-house training.
Be specific about the time/period that you will be volunteering and your responsibilities during this period.
What skills and experience will be available to you during your volunteering?