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I am a Licensed Physical therapist from the Maharashtra State Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Council, India. I have completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences. With a Special Interest in Musculoskeletal, Orthopaedics and Sports Physiotherapy. I did my 6 months internship as a part of my course curriculum from Seth G.S Medical and KEM hospital.

I am currently working as an assistant physiotherapist with Physio Prime- which is mainly a musculoskeletal / sports-centered physiotherapy clinic. I have also managed to gain certification in orthopedic manual therapy and actively participated in a workshop on basic dry needling. I have completed Mechanical diagnosis and therapy Part A and Part B of the McKenzie course from Mckenzie Institute India.

I am also a Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. I love to learn new forms of exercises or regimens and try it on myself. I take on every opportunity available to increase Mental Health Awareness. 

Being an avid runner myself, I never missed an opportunity to participate in the annual marathon, since my college days. I was part of 12-hour ultra-marathon sessions as the on-call physiotherapist

Recently, I have been drawn to marketing. I have been doing a few online courses to upscale my skills. I plan on pursuing my Master’s in Physiotherapy soon, It would help me enhance my already established skills and aid me to transform into a better practitioner.

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