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Hello, I am currently a Physiotherapy student studying at Keele University and about to begin my final year and 1 of 2 Physiotherapy representatives on the Sports and Exercise Medicine Society at Keele.

I am also a disability sports club volunteer coach which I have done for 5 years but only do this occasionally now when I am back home in Burnley for University holidays.

My best Physiotherapy related achievement so far is Being 1 of 5 student presenters (from the backgrounds of physiotherapy, occupational therapy or psychology) at the annual Vocational Rehabilitation Association conference where I presented a presentation on the topic of Multiple Sclerosis and received positive feedback from the Chair Andrew Frank.
I am very interested in the topic of MS and I am currently doing a research project in that area as well as designing a product for neurological rehabilitation.

My main hobby is playing football, which I have done since a very young age and I am currently the University's Womens team captain for the 2013/14 season. Some of my greatest achievements so far are football related.


Keele University 2011 - Present

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Student member of the CSP


Discussion about why the rise in obesity in the United Kingdom (UK) is reaching epidemic proportions and the role that the physiotherapist has to play in reversing this trend.


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