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Joon is an experienced and passionate vestibular physiotherapist. His special interest in dizziness disorders has led to extensive training and certification in vestibular rehabilitation and he now exclusively treats patients with dizziness. He enjoys his role as a mentor to other therapists and is committed to continuing education through regular post-graduate course enrollment.

As a co-owner of Cornerstone Physiotherapy and Cornerstone Dizziness Clinic, Joon is extremely proud of the success of his clinics and of their reputation in Toronto, North York and Burlington's medical community. He knows this is a result of having staff members that are highly experienced, empathetic, knowledgeable, and truly practice in a patient-first environment.

Joon is excited to be a founder of Therapia, an online marketplace that connects physiotherapists to patients who require in-home physiotherapy.

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Joon Nah

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Education[edit | edit source]

Graduated from the University of Western Ontario, School of Physical Therapy in 2002.

Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist from the Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta.

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Physiotherapy Toronto

Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy North York

Physiotherapy Burlington

Contact Details[edit | edit source]

Cornerstone Physiotherapy

2 Carlton St. Suite 1800

Toronto, ON

M5B 1J3

(416) 595-5353

Cornerstone Physiotherapy

55 University Ave. Suite 1710

Toronto, ON

M5J 2H7

(416) 363-1975

Cornerstone Physiotherapy

4789 Yonge St. Suite 1006

North York, ON

M2N 0G3

(647) 494-4342

Cornerstone Physiotherapy

1860 Appleby Line Unit 19

Burlington, ON

L7L 0B7

(289) 812-0246

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