The Big Physio Survey - Example of Education 2

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Module design, education, probelm solving, students, team work, teaching

Who or what is my case report based on?[edit | edit source]

I have had a meeting today with the module leader of a new yr3 module. We want to develop and fine tune a module that will really prepare and excite our students so that they grow in confidence and feel ready for their practice. We had a list of topics we wanted to include and were able to quickly identify one strand - preparation for practice, so that's the employability side of things, ethics, work place practices. The second strand is more to do with consolidation of practice and also pushing their understanding and identifying any areas for clarification. This has been really difficult to structure in a way that will allow us to deliver the material x4 (groups) effectively. We haven't found a way yet, but we are keen to explore moving away from MSK/Neuro/Cardio thinking and wrap the learning more in a sort of holistic manner.. practice is messy and isn't pigeon holed and we'd like that to be reflected in the structure.

What is the physiotherapy event or episode of care?[edit | edit source]

Ah - difficult to call this an episode of care, but extrapolating things, its about establishing a way through some complex material so that the students will be able to follow the module and gain the maximum learning from it.

the module leader has gathered information from other colleagues and students to feed in to the discussion and I was asked my thoughts. We sat and exchanged ideas and worked through some of the possibilities.

What were the aims of the physiotherapy event or episode of care?[edit | edit source]

The aim was to find a way to frame the module so that it would a) work practically for us staff to deliver and b) be a meaningful experience for the students so that they would learn much from taking the module - students prepared for practice. We also wanted to see if we could introduce an element of student choice.. we'll see!

What did I do?[edit | edit source]

This process allowed some identification of potential issues with how the material is to be packaged and to think about things laterally. I am a reasonable lateral thinker and I felt I was able to help identify new options. I listened carefully and then 'brainstormed' ideas and we were able to discount one plan and begin to build another way forward.

What was the outcome or effect?[edit | edit source]

We had the beginnings of a way forward, it still needs work, but it is now gone 5pm and we were tired... brain dead so we thought we would carry on when we were feeling more refreshed! BUT, we were pleased with our progress and we are both confident that we will get it sorted. Its going to be a really great module and I want to take it!!!

Why did I do this?[edit | edit source]

Because I am passionate about inspiring and empowering students and because I have experience on the old module it will replace. I am also very keen to do my part to get this right. I wish our course to be excellent! I was asked!