Thai Massage


1) Recent Illness or Surgery

2) Chronic Health Problems

3) Circulation or hearth condition -> Do not use techniques that restrict blood flow


1) If pregnant -> No abdominal massage -> No techniques in prone

2) Varicose Veins -> No pressure should be applied -> Do not touch open sores

Core Techniques:

1) Palm Press - Used extensively on feet, legs and arms - Prepares for more specific pressure The technique differs weather we use on feet or more proximally

2) Thumb Press Pressure applied from ball of thumb, never point or tip

3) Thumb Circles To be used over bone, as the pressure from a thumb press is here not indicated

Routine By Body Part

Feet: 1) Palm press legs and feet a) Wrap ulnar eminence around medial aspect of feet bilaterally b) Invert/Evert both feet c) Press three times from heel to ball and then back

2) Palm Press Legs

a) Wrap ulnar eminence around medial aspect of legs bilaterally

b) Move hand closts to thrunk of the body sideways, maintaining pressure with other hand and repositioning the first hand further along the limb