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Studies in which two or more groups of subjects, including a control group, are involved in a trial investigating the effect of an intervention.

Title[edit | edit source]

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Word count[edit | edit source]

word count <3500 words

[edit | edit source]

names of all authors

Ethical approval[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

a concise and factual abstract is required (maximum length 250 words)

[edit | edit source]

or context

[edit | edit source]

the clinical question or purpose

Methods[edit | edit source]

outline study design

Study selection or eligibility criteria
[edit | edit source]

participants and interventions

Interventions[edit | edit source]

describe the interventions and control used in the study

Measures and variables[edit | edit source]

list the measures used in the study, the method of measurement and the measurement error

Study appraisal and synthesis methods[edit | edit source]

describe the statistical package and analysis methods used

[edit | edit source]

Key findings

[edit | edit source]

Limitations of the study

[edit | edit source]

and implications of key findings

Funding and Declerations
[edit | edit source]

funding for the systematic review and any potential conflicts of interest

Registration number
[edit | edit source]

if appropriate

Author Biography
[edit | edit source]

include a short biography for each author and a link to their profile in Physiopedia

References[edit | edit source]

References will automatically be added here, see adding references tutorial.