Resisted Exercise Initiative (RexI)

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

RExI is an abbreviation for the PT Knowledge Broker facilitated project started in April 2019: Resisted Exercise Initiative (RExI) – Use of resisted exercise by physiotherapists for elderly patients in British Colombia (BC) Hospitals.

The current volume and level of acuity of elderly patients in acute care settings challenges physical therapists to address all needs. One related aspect of practice that is receiving increasing attention is the optimal prescription of resistance exercise in these settings.

Goal: To support best practice in use of resisted exercise by physical therapists for elderly patients in BC Hospitals.


  1. To determine existing practice.
  2. To identify opportunities to support enhanced practice.
  3. To undertake knowledge translation (KT) strategies to target barriers to enhance using of resisted exercise.
  4. To evaluate effect of introduction of the KT strategies.

This project will:

  • Describe current practice to confirm whether there is ‘a gap’ between current actual and desired evidence-based practice for PTs in BC.
  • Determine the barriers to desired evidence-based practice from the perspective of the front-line public-practice PT.
  • Map the barriers identified to categories identified by KT/implementation/behaviour change science.
  • Using KT/implementation/behaviour change science and resources to identify targeted KT strategies to address the barriers.
  • Develop/undertake, disseminate & support implementation of the targeted strategies.
  • Re-evaluate practice post-implementation of the strategies.